A document written circa 1977 by J. G. Godwin of 15/92 Shirley Rd, Wollstonecraft, NSW Australia.  
- Donated to the collection of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

(Godwin, a former Prisoner of War and post-war War Crimes Investigating Officer, had his reputation sullied by two books published in the mid-1990s, "Betrayal in High Places" and "Snaring the Other Tiger". 

It took more than a decade for the facts to be set straight. 

For further detail see his official Dictionary of New Zealand Biography entry.)




Retired in January 1963 after 12 years in the Admin. Branch of H.M. Oversea Civil Service in Malaya through constitutional changes.

Present age: 54 years (12.2.23).  Married - no children.


Education/Membership of Professional Bodies/Languages


Marlborough College N.Z. until 17½ years.  Passed N.Z. School Cert. and N.Z. Univ. Entrance Exam at 16.  U.S. Cert in General Psychology (Univ. level) in Tokyo.  Fellow of U.K. Corporation of Certified Secretaries (Reg. No.14137).  Diploma in Personnel Management and Diplomas (2) in Business and Industrial Management.  Fairly fluent in Malay, some French and some Japanese.


Naval and Military Service


Served 4½ years in the N.Z.R.N.V.R. as a fleet Air-Arm pilot.

Joined as a rating in May 1941 and was commissioned for approx. 4 years.

Discharged as Lieut.(A).  Commissioned in N.Z. Army Occupation Force (Japan) in March 1946 and served for 4¾ years in staff and other appointments.  Discharged at age 27 in the rank of Captain.


New Zealand Government Service


Cadet at 17½ years on leaving School until entering R.N.Z.N.V.R.

Between periods of Navy/Army service was employed as an Exec. Officer of the N.Z. Civil Service.  Resigned January 1951 to join H.M. Colonial Service as an Administrative Officer.


Career in H.M. Colonial Service (Oversea Civil Service) in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei


(i)  District Appointments

1951-2: Asst Dist. Officer Kuala Langat: Kuala Lumpur & Sepang, Selangor.

1952-3:  Dist. Offr. Christmas Island & then Admin Offr. Johore Bharu, Johore.


(ii) Secretarial and Ministerial Appointments:

1954:  Asst. Controller, Finance and Supply, Federal treasury, Kuala Lumpur.

1955:  Deputy Senior Lands Officer, State of Malacca.

1956-7:  First Asst. State Secretary, Malacca;  mid ’57 - State Secy, Malacca.

1958:  State Financial Offr. And State Commissioner of Lands & mines, Malacca.

1959:  State Financial Offr.  & State Treasurer, State of Pahang.

1959-60:  Secy. To the Fed. Ministries of Works, Posts and Telecoms. & Justice, K.L.

1960:  Controller of Admin.  Ministry of Education, Kuala Lumpur.

1960-2:  Principal Asst. State Secretary, Selangor.

Jan ’63:  Senior Admin. Officer, Brunei Government.

July ’63:  Defence Secretary, North Borneo (Sabah).

Oct. ’63:  Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agri. & Fisheries, Sabah.

May ’64:  Senior Asst. Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Sabah.

Sept ’65: On leave.

Mar. ’66: Senior Asst. Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Sabah.

(N.B. From Jan 1963 onwards, all appointments held were under contract to the State Governments concerned.)


Administration - District, Secretarial & Ministerial


Administering dist. Populations of 20,000 to 75,000.  Co-ordination and direction of civil, police, military and local communities, during the prosecution of the Malayan Emergency.  Land development, utilisation and administration; economic planning and development (housing etc.); magisterial; conducting judicial enquiries; propaganda; intelligence and counter subversion.  Licensing authority; public relations; office organisation.  Formulation of policy, including the preparation of cabinet papers for State and Federal Executive Councils of finance, development, land and other matters.  Writing memoranda and compilation of reports.




Chairman, Secy. Treasurer and member of official and Unoff. Boards, Councils, Assns. And Organisations.  These include the Chairmanship of Dist. War Executive Committees, Local Authorities and Membership of 2 State Executive Councils and Legislative Assemblies.

Finance: Preparation of State Govt. and Dist. Budgets.  Responsible for the introduction of legislation on finance and land admin. etc.